About the Schenley Farms Civic Association

On July 29th 1920 the residents of Schenley Farms met to consider the renewal of the building restrictions established by the Schenley Farms Company.  As developer, Schenley Farms Company had fulfilled all contracts regarding the care of trees, sidewalks, vacant properties and general maintenance of Schenley Farms.  The residents agreed to consider creation of a permanent organization for the purpose of “…the promotion of all matters pertaining to the general welfare and interest of the Farms.”

On December 13th of that year the Constitution and By-Laws of the Schenley Farms Civic Association were adopted.  Its purpose was twofold:

The extension of restrictions on the use of the lands in the Schenley Farms district as established by the Schenley Farms Company.
Care and maintenance of the district “in such a manner as to insure its continuance as a high class residence district. “

For over 93 years the SFCA has remained dedicated to preservation of the character and quality of urban living envisioned in F.F. Nicola’s residential enclave component of civic complex and model suburb City Beautiful planning.

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​​​​​Schenley Farms Historic District

Sponsored by the Schenley Farms Civic Association         

Map of Schenley Farms Civic Association  with respect to  

the Schenley Farms National Register Historic District, 1983.