​​​​​Schenley Farms Historic District

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About the Schenley Farms Historic District:

Once a Dairy Farm, part of the great Schenley land holdings, Schenley Farms became, after 1904, the residential portion of F. F. Nicola’s Civic Center Plan.  It is a museum of early twentieth Century Domestic Architecture, and was designated as an historic district in 1978. 

​The Schenley Farms Historic District is located approximately 2.5 miles east of the center of Pittsburgh, and lies within Oakland, a large glacial terrace some 200 feet above the Monongahela and Allegheny River valleys.  The approximately 170 acre tract belonged to William Penn, who conveyed it to Edward Smith in 1791.  It remained in the O’Hara family until the death of descendant Mary Schenley in 1903.